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Hi, Everybody,
We continue to receive checks once in awhile from B&H as payment for purchases made by some of our members. Unfortunately, only a few of our die hard members are shopping at B&H Click on the graphic to the right to go to B&H There is a special code embedded in the link that tells B&H where the referral came from. The prices you pay are exactly the same as you would pay if you went directly to the vendors web site. These vendors pay anywhere between 2% and 4% of each sale directly to Redlands Camera Club
I received a call recently from a member who wanted to know how to get an instruction manual for his camera. It just so happened that the manual he wanted was already on our web site. There are over 100 instruction manuals for various makes of cameras on our site. Just go to "Downloads" on the menu bar then "Camera Instruction Manuals". If anyone has any requests for a manual that isn't listed, just email me and I will try to find it.
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Debra Dorothy
A Note from The Photogram Editor Debra Dorothy I would like to introduce a monthly theme for the Photogram. This month’s theme is “Flower’s” in honor of St Valentine’s Day. March’s theme is going to be “Close-Up”. If you would like to see your image in the next Photogram for all to enjoy, please send one of your favorite “Close-Up” images to Debbiedsd.dorothy@gmail.com
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