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Hi, Everybody,
ALAS! The Digital Fusion (video) Portal on our web site is no more. Due to zero interest in this section of our site the decision was made to remove it. That's a shame. With today's cameras having such top notch video quality I find it hard to believe that with  over 160 members I was the only one interested in video production. But, the Video Gods have spoken; RIP Video Portal!
We continue to receive checks once in awhile as payment for purchases made by some of our members. Unfortunately, only a few of our die hard members are the ones using the links. You must click on the link on the affiliates page of our website if you want to shop at one of the listed merchants. There is a special code embedded in the link that tells the affiliate program where the referral came from. The prices you pay are exactly the same as you would pay if you went directly to the vendors web site. These vendors pay anywhere between 2% and 4% of each sale directly to Redlands Camera Club
I received a call recently from a member who wanted to know how to get an instruction manual for his camera. It just so happened that the manual he wanted was already on our web site. There are over 100 instruction manuals for various makes of cameras on our site. Just go to "Downloads" on the menu bar then "Camera Instruction Manuals". If anyone has any requests for a manual that isn't listed, just email me and I will try to find it.
As most of you know, the opening page on our website contains a link to the monthly Featured Photographer page that showcases a member of our club each month. This is a great chance to get your photos seen by a lot of people worldwide. However, a lot of members have turned me down. I've heard excuses from "my photos aren't good enough" to a flat "NO". Come on, folks. When you are asked to be the Featured Photographer how about just saying "OK". Our club is about sharing and participating in club activities. I've heard nothing but good comments about all the members that have agreed to showcase their photos.
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