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S4C is Southern California  Council of Camera Clubs of which Redlands Camera Club is a member.  Any member of RCC is qualified to enter the S4C competition. S4C competition is monthly from Oct through April. There are 10 categories, 2 images can be submitted per category. If you have questions or problems please contact me @  dlseibly@gmail.com
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It's a great opportunity to improve your photographic skills. Anyone who has not entered and wishes to can go to this site: 
S4C End of Year Competition Results are Announced
At   the   end   of   each   competition   year,   all   images   that   have   been   earned   Awards   or   Honorable
Mentions   throughout   the   year   are   entered   into   a   final   competition   to   award   Gold,   Silver,   Bronze
and   Best   of   Show   in   each   category.   Rankings   or   Standing   in   each   skill   level   and   category   are   also
determined.   The   results   have   been   announced   and   members   of   the   Redlands   Camera   Club   did   very
S4C   has   11   image   categories   and,   except   for   Interclub,   4   skill   level   categories   in   each   section.   Those
members   entering   a   category   for   the   first   competition   year   are   entered   at   the   E   skill   level.   Levels
then   proceed   to   A,   AA,   and   AAA   determined   by   one’s   performance   in   past   competition   years.   As   a
photographer   moves   through   the   more   advanced   levels,   a   higher   image   score   is   needed   to   earn   an
HM    or    an    Award.    Standings    in    each    Skill    Level    are    determined    by    totaling    the    scores    of    a
photographer’s   12   highest   scoring   images   entered   into   competition   that   year   and   ranking   those
scores   against   all   members   who   entered   images   in   the   same   category   at   that   level.   Two   members
of   RCC   earned   medals   this   year   as   High   Point   winners   in   the   category   of   Nature   Wildlife.   Lori   Krum
earned a Gold medal in Skill level A and Christine Pence earned a Bronze medal in Skill Level E.
Awards and Honorable Mentions were earned by the following RCC members.
Individual Color -HM for Stan Fry (E) for “Hands of a Master”
Pictorial Creative -HM Deb Seibly  (E) for “San Clemente in Pastel”
Pictorial Mono chrome-Silver Medal for Christine Pence  for “Nifty Fifty Diner”
Nature   General -Silver   Medal   for   Stan   Fry   (E)   for   “The   Pollinator”   ;   HM   for   Stan   Fry   for   “Beautiful”
and another HM for  Stan  Fry for “You Never go Hungry”
Nature   Wildlife -Bronze   Medal   for   Lori   Krum    (A)   for   “Feeding   Time”   and   HM   for   Lori   Krum    for
“Snownuzzling”; HM for Christine Pence (E) for “Jackass Penguin Parenting”
Photo   Travel-Silver   Medal   for   Christine   Pence    (A)   for   “Port   Townsend   Graffiti   “;   HM   for   Deb   Seibly  
(AA) for “City Palace City Palace”.
Photojournalism General -HM for Stan Fry (E) for “Chris Fast Band”
Photojournalism   –Human   Interest -Silver   Medal   for   Deb   Seibly    (A)   for   “Half   an   Hour   Old”   and   HM
for Deb Seibly  for “Cinderella Wanna Be”.
Congratulations everyone. It was an impressive catalog with competition among 19 different
clubs throughout Southern California. The winning images can be seen below.
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