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S4C is Southern California  Council of Camera Clubs of which Redlands Camera Club is a member.  Any member of RCC is qualified to enter the S4C competition. S4C competition is monthly from Oct through April. There are 10 categories, 2 images can be submitted per category. If you have questions or problems please contact me @  debbiedsd.dorothy@gmail.com
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S4C Coodinator - Deborah Seibly
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The Results from the January S4C Competition are Announced
Redlands   Camera   Club   members   receiving   awards   and   honorable   mentions   for   their   images   in   the   January   competition   are
Beverly Brett, Dave Ficke, Ken Randall and Russ Trozera.
Beverly received an HM for her image –Butterfly on an Orange Flower in the Pictorial –Individual Color category –level A.
Dave   received   two   awards.   His   image   –A   Study   in   Profile-received   an   award   in   the   category   Naturel-General   –skill   level   E.   His
second award was for his image- It’s Not Easy-in the category of Photojournalism –General at skill level E.
Ken   also   received   two   awards   for   his   images   –Face   Paint   and   Queen   of   the   Dead-in   the   category   Pictorial-Monochrome   at   skill
level A.
Russ received an award in the category of Pictorial-Individual Color for his shot-Washington Capital at Night-skill level E.
Awards and Honorable Mentions are given when an image scores as follows:
Skill   level   E-22-23   points   out   of   a   possible   27   for   an   HM.     An   award   is   received   for   an   image   that   scores   24+.   For   level   A   (a   more
advanced   level)   an   HM   is   earned   when   an   images   scores   23-24   and   an   award   when   that   images   scores   25+.   For   levels   AA/AAA,
images must score 24-25 for an HM and 26+ for an award.
It's a great opportunity to improve your photographic skills. Anyone who has not entered and wishes to can go to this site:
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