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. 4th Video 101 with Bradley Tom s
I’ve   been   doing   camera   work   for   almost   8   years,   and   filming   weddings
for   a   little   over   6.   I   went   to   school   for   communications   and   specialized
in   advertising   which   lead   me   to   getting   my   foot   in   the   door   for   an   ad
agency   as   a   freelancer.   I   worked   there   for   about   a   year,   and   now   film
different    projects    for    companies    like    Acorns,    LPA,    and    healthcare
clients.   Photographing   weddings   is   my   full-time   gig,   and   the   freelance
work   is   just   to   keep   me   busy   during   the   week.   Besides   doing   video,   I
love   traveling,   and   taking   photos   of   those   travels   is   what   I   would
consider    my    hobby.    While    taking    photos    can    make    me    money,    I
prefer to keep it as my hobby.
Nov. 17 Drone Photography for Fun & Profit with Gary Jefferson & Russ Trozera
I've   done   many   things   in   my   life,   but   photography   has   been
the   most   fun.   I   took   my   first   photos   in   the   80’s,   got   serious   in
the   90’s,   shot   for   a   stock   agency   in   the   early   2000’s   and   then
retired   in   2012   so   I   could   take   more   photos.   I   enjoy   shooting
and   developing   film   but   most   of   my   images   are   taken   with   a
digital   camera.   I   have   been   flying   drones   since   the   original   DJI
Phantom   came   out   in   2013.   I   photograph   mostly   people   now
(Redlands   People),   but   use   the   drone   often   when   we   travel.
I’ve   flown   in   many   states   and   in   National   Parks   -   when   it   was
legal   to   do   that.   In   the   beginning,   it   took   me   more   than   three
years   to   take   a   photograph   that   I   thought   was   good.   It   took
about   the   same   time   to   do   the   same   thing   when   I   began
drone photography.
Russell   Trozera   is   an   accomplished   photographer   and   is   certified   by   the
FAA   under   Part   107   as   a   drone   pilot.   He   has   logged   132   flights   or   about
60   hours   of   flight   time.   His   primary   use   of   a   drone   is   in   real   estate,
getting   a   better   view   from   above.   His   love   for   photography   began   in
college.    He    took    a    break    when    raising    5    children.    His    love    for
photography   was   reignited   when   he   bought   his   first   digital   camera   in
1997.   It   was   not   so   expensive   and   he   did   not   have   to   mess   with   all   the
chemicals .
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