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Jan. 6, 2020 Ansel Adams Night Doug Hammer will be speaking on insights into Ansel Adams. Doug was able to  help and assist  Ansel Adams on several workshops. Jan. 20 2020 John Williams John   Williams   is   an   excellent   speaker   and   has   presented   many   tutorials   on   Lightroom   and   Photoshop   in   the   Redlands Camera   Club   Newsletter.      He   currently   serves   as   our   educational   chair   of   the   Club.   He   will   be   speaking   on   Adobe Ecco Systems, cloud systems Iphone & Photo systems.    Photography Bio – Doug Hammer
I   remember   the   first   time   I   saw   original   black   and   white   photographs   by Ansel   Adams   –   I   was   spellbound.   The   photographs   were   breathtaking.   It was February 1971 and I was in the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite. I   was   immediately   drawn   into   the   world   of   photography.   I   wanted   to understand   how   such   images   could   be   created.   I   read   and   carefully studied   Adams’   books   The   Camera ,   The   Negative ,   and   The   Print .   I   built a   darkroom.   I   built   a   4x5   camera.   I   used   Adams’   zone   system.   I   tested camera   settings,   calculated   exposures,   and   experimented   with   developers and darkroom techniques. In   1978   I   was   accepted   as   a   student   into   the   Ansel   Adams   Photography Workshop   in   Yosemite,   financed   with   winnings   on   a   TV   show,   Family Feud .   In   1980   I   was   asked   to   serve   as   an   assistant   at   Adams’   Workshop –   again   in   Yosemite.   And,   in   1982,   I   was   invited   to   serve   as   the technical assistant at Adams’ last Workshop held in Pebble Beach, CA. I   moved   out   of   the   darkroom   and   into   digital   photography   in   2004. Although   I   have   a   website, ,   I   still prefer looking at and making my own prints. Since   that   initial   introduction   to   the   world   of   photography   in   1971,   I have   not   lost   the   excitement   of   clicking   the   shutter   and   watching   how art and science work together to capture such wonderful memories. I   have   been   married   to   Judi   48   years;   we   are   parents   of   four, grandparents   of   10.   My   profession   is   management   consulting   and   my formal    education    was    at    Pepperdine    University    with    a    B.S.    in Management and a M.S. in Organization Development.
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