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Feb. 4 – Tabletop Wildlife: How Photographers Can Help Save Species
We   know   that   photographing   wild   animals   and   sharing   their   images   can   help   protect   them.   At   our   first   February
meeting,   we’ll   learn   more   about   this   opportunity,   and   at   our   second   meeting,   we’ll   do   it   for   real   –   so   plan   to   attend
both   meetings.   On   Feb.   4,   we’ll   see   an   inspiring   a   video   clip   about   Joel   Sartore,   whose   Photo   Ark   project   is
documenting    endangered    species    before    they    disappear.    Member    Christine    Pence    will    share    her    experience
participating   in   a   recent   wildlife   shoot   staged   by   the   Photographic   Society   of   America.   And   President   Dave   Ficke,   a
former   science   teacher,   will   tell   us   what   we’ll   need   to   make   the   most   of   RCC’s   first   Tabletop   Wildlife   photo   event   on
Feb.   18,   presenting   real   creatures   in   a   controlled   environment,   with   studio-quality   lighting   and   natural   setups.   Both
programs start at 7 p.m., John Knox Hall, First Presbyterian Church.
Feb. 18 – Tabletop Wildlife Photography Night – Members Only
Learn   how   to   photograph   wild   creatures   in   studio-style   settings   when   Redlands   Camera   Club   hosts   its   first   Tabletop
Wildlife   event   for   members.   We’ll   hear   first   from   Dr.   Bill   Hayes,   professor   of   biology   and   director   of   the   Center   for
Biodiversity    and    Conservation    Studies    at    Loma    Linda    University,    who    frequently    shares    animals    at    schools    to
familiarize   kids   with   wildlife.   Bill   and   his   team   will   employ   light   boxes   and   lighted   stands   to   pose   several   species   in
critter-friendly   configurations   for   photography.   We’re   expecting   a   tarantula,   a   Desert   Hairy   Scorpion,   Bearded
Dragon   lizard,   horned   lizard,   Ball   Python,   Green   Tree   Python,   colorful   parrot   and   possibly   a   Peregrine   Falcon.   You’ll
need   a   tripod   and   a   zoom   lens   (at   least   200MM   recommended).   Members   only,   please,   7   p.m.,   Feb.   18,   John   Knox
Hall, First Presbyterian Church.
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