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April 1 -- Let’s Go to Alaska -- Skip the Cruise and Fly In
Join   us   7   p.m.,   April   1,   First   Presbyterian   Church,   when   RCC   members   Deb   Seibly   and   Christine   Penceshare   photo   stories   and   more   of   their   travels   together   and   separately   in
Alaska   for   the   past   two   summers.   You   will   see   bear,   salmon,   sea   lions,   musk   ox,   moose   and   wolves   –   in   magnificent   natural   landscapes,   man-made   environments   and   by   the
roadside.   Travel   with   us   to   Lake   Clark   National   Park   and   Preserve   on   the   Cook   Inlet;   to   the   Kennecott   Mines   National   Historic   Landmark   in   Wrangell,   St.   Elias   National   Park   and
Preserve; to Valdez and to the edge of the Columbia glacier in Prince William Sound.
Get   inspired   and   plan   your   own   trip.   Or   if   you   have   been   to   Alaska,   the   images   and   will   remind   you   of   how   special   our   49th   state   really   is,   and   why   you   should   consider
returning, even if just to escape the Southern California heat and to breathe pristine air.
Also: If you have some good Alaska photos, email a couple to Jim Hendon at and we’ll share and discuss them on the night of the program.
See you there!
April 15 -- Promoting Your Photography for Fun and Profit, with Bruce Herwig
I nterested in having more people see your work? Or have you considered turning your hobby into some part time income?
Join   us   at   7   p.m.,   April   15,   John   Knox   Hall,   First   Presbyterian   Church   when   marketing   professional   and   photo   enthusiast   Bruce   Herwig   will   share   some   innovative   tips,   techniques   and
how-to’s, including social media, web sites and projects. The tips will be useful not just to photographers, but all artists.
Bruce,   who   has   adapted   his   images   into   coloring   books,   and   published   and   sold   a   Redlands   photo   calendar   for   the   past   four   years,   shares   and   promotes   his   images   via   Facebook,
Instagram and other on-line options.
He has previously presented RCC programs on shooting the night sky with confidence, and smartphone photography.
We expect a lively Question and Answer; after his talk, with RCC members sharing additional information on how they market their images.
The program is free and open to the public.
For Questions:  Russ Trozera 760.951.2663
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