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Jan. 7 – Elevate Your Photography with a Photo Project
A   photo   project   can   elevate   your   photography   to   a   whole   new   level.   Join   RCC   shooters   Gary   Jefferson,   Judith   Sparhawk   and   Jim
Hendon   at   7   p.m.   Monday,   Jan.   7,   as   they   share   images   and   lessons   from   their   recent   projects   –   and   hopefully   inspire   others.
Jefferson   produces   a   “living,   online   gallery”   of   street   portraits   of   Redlands   people   on   Facebook;   Sparhawk   shot   and   compiled   her
images   of   American   birds   for   a   local   Audubon   Society   presentation;   Hendon   produced   Colors   of   Heaven:   Exploring   the   Hidden
Stained   Glass   Windows   of   Redlands .   Anyone   can   do   a   photo   project,   on   any   topic,   and   get   great   creative   satisfaction.   Projects
generally   have   themes,   goals,   target   audiences   and/or   stories   to   tell.   So   they   push   us   to   pinpoint   our   subjects,   master   our
equipment,   optimize   composition,   produce   and   organize   collections   of   photos   both   technically   and   artistically   strong   –   often
against a hard deadline. The meeting at John Knox Hall, First Presbyterian Church, Redlands, is free and open to the public. 
Jan. 21 – Rosamond Purcell's Vision: An Art That Nature Makes
Want   to   be   a   better   photographer?   Study   the   work   of   great   photographers.   Join   us   at   7   p.m.,   Monday,   Jan.   21,   for   An   Art   that
Nature   Makes ,   a   close   look   at   the   haunting   visions   of   Rosamond   Purcell.   This   unique   photographer   is   fascinated   with   the   natural
world,   the   discarded   and   decayed,   from   a   mastodon   tooth,   to   preserved   museum   specimens,   to   the   delicate   beauty   of   a   fish
skeleton.   Purcell,   whose   work   has   been   featured   in   National   Geographic   and   at   major   museums,   has   published   20   books   including
A   Glorious   Enterprise:   The   Museum   of   Natural   Sciences   of   Philadelphia .   The   film   offers   a   special   focus   on   Purcell’s   20-year
photographic   “excavation”   of   a   Maine   junk   yard,   chronicled   in   her   book   Owls   Head:   On   the   Nature   of   Lost   Things .   A   New   York
Times   Critics   Pick   in   2016,   the   film   was   described   as   “extraordinary,   illuminating   and   beautiful.”   The   screening   at   John   Knox   Hall,
First Presbyterian Church, Redlands, is free and open to the public. 
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