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Up Close and Amazing: Macro Photography in a New Light with
Frank Peele
He   will   show   us   the   ins   and   outs   of   Macro   photography.   He   will   help   us   to   avoid   the
hard   ways   to   do   macro   shooting.   Frank   will   show   you   ways   of   working   smarter,   so
that   you   can   achieve   great   results   more   consistently   and   create   more   images   with
fewer complications. Learn   how   to   get   into   macro   photography   with   a   modest   investment   in   equipment.
We’ll   explore   ways   to   achieve   high   image   quality   without   that   $1,000   macro   lens.
Amazingly,   there   are   optics   that   were   designed   for   excellent   macro   imaging   that   can
be   picked   up   for   pocket   money   –   if   you   know   what   to   look   for.   Master   the   challenges
of   limited   depth-of-field   in   close-up   work.   You’ll   learn   techniques   to   make   the   most
of   short   depth-of-field   as   well   as   effective   ways   to   get   practically   unlimited   depth-of-
field   when   you   choose   to.   How   to   use   light   to   the   best   advantage.   We’ll   work   in   both
constant   light   and   flash   environments   to   portray   your   choices   of   subject   in   the   most
creative ways .
Macro Night Workshop - having some amazing fun with your new-found knowledge you learned in the June 3 program. There will be multiple setups, including a variety of lighting choices, to hone your macro skills. You can bring your own items to be photographed.                   Don’t forget to bring your camera & tripods!
Photograph objects close up. Come and have a wonderful evening
The evening will began at 6:00 PM instead of our normal time to give plenty of time to practice.
                                                                                    June 17, 2019
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