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Vice President/Chairman Program Committee  Dave Garner
Monthly Meetings Club meetings are held at 7PM, the first and third Monday of each month.  First Presbyterian Church 100 Cajon Street Downtown Redlands, California  Mailing Address Redlands Camera Club P.O. Box 7261 Redlands, CA.  92375 eMail Russ:
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   I   have   been   asked   to   take   over   as   VP   and   chairman   of   the   Program   Committee   until   the   next   election.   We   have   been having   video   conferences   to   plan   programs   for   the   club.   It   looks   like   the   club   meetings   will   be   held   as   video conferences   for   the   foreseeable   future.   On   May   3,   2020,   we   will   have   a   Members   Night   to   present   images   furnished by   members   for   critique   by   some   of   the   more   experienced   members.   Their   input   can   be   very   valuable   in   preparing images    for    competition.    Deadline    for    uploads    (maximum    of    2    images)    is    May    1,    2020.    Email    them    to    subject   line   “Members   Night”.The   Program   Committee   will   be   doing   a   phone   survey   of   the members    to    get    their    input    on    programs.    After    all,    the    programs    should    be    something    of    interest    to    the membership. Some of the things we will be asking are: What are your ideas for future programs? Do you have a photo skill that you would be willing to share at a meeting? How do you feel about having meetings online? How long would you want to wait to attend meetings in person after the quarantine is lifted?   The   Program   Committee   is   planning   to   have   a   Picnic   in   the   Park   after   the   quarantine   is   lifted,   to   celebrate being   able   to   again   socialize   with   other   members,   after   having   to   be   isolated   for   so   long.   It   will   be   a reasonable time after the quarantine so members will feel safe in attending.
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