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Presidents Message Dear Redlands Camera Club Members
A   photographer   stated   if   you   want   to   take   great   pictures   you   have   to   put   yourself   in   front   of   great
places   or   things.   If   you   want   to   take   more   than   a   snapshot,   good   photography   requires   time,
planning,   knowledge   and   patience.   Stephen   Learcock   said,   “I   am   a   great   believer   in   luck,   and   I   find
the harder I work the more I have of it. We sometimes just get lucky.
You   do   not   have   to   go   far   and   wide   to   capture   great   images.   There   are   many   of   our   own   members
that   create   great   images   in   their   own   back   yards   or   on   their   table   tops.   We   have   lots   of   locations   and
opportunities here locally
There   are   opportunities   all   around   for   photography.   Kelby   One   just   released   a   new   how   to   video
about   Travel   Photography:   A   photographer’s   guide   to   LA   with   Jefferson   Graham.   The   video   features
LA   skylines,   sunsets,   beaches,   surfing   and   iconic   locations   in   the   LA   area   and   more.   Jeff   shows   you
where to go to get the shots.
Thanks Everyone,
Russell Trozera
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