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This holiday season I want to wish every member and their family & friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I   want   to   thank   all   the   members   of   the   club   that   have   helped   make   myself   and   others   better   photographers.   My   earliest   recollection   of being a member of the club is an award I received in 2006 for “Open Wide” a picture of our cat yawning. The image scored 85. I have always believed in giving back or paying it forward, for help that I have received from others. I   joined   the   club   because   of   the   friendliness   of   the   members   and   willingness   of   members   to   share   knowledge   about   photography.   I   have learned a lot, many thanks to those who have helped me along the way. I hope I can do that as president. I   have   long   wanted   to   do   a   program   on   copyrights   because   members   have   asked   me   questions   of   how   to   protect   their   intellectual property   (photos).   From   research   and   advice   I   received   from   others   in   the   industry,   I   found   I   could   not   adequately   cover   the   subject   in   a   1 ½ hour meeting. I   am   not   an   attorney,   so   I   will   not   offer   any   legal   opinions.   If   any   of   you   would   like   more   information   on   copyrights   here   are   some   videos and websites that might be of help to you. I am not endorsing any of these. Edward Greenberg & Jack Reznicki , the “Copyright Zone”. See Kelby One “The Grid #13 Copyrights”. You can skip the 1 st 16 minutes to get to the discussion. Kelby Media DVD: The Photographer's Guide to Avoiding Common Business Mistakes with Jack Reznicki and Edward Greenberg If you Google “photographer copyright law”, you will find other books & website on the subject The club needs a Vice President that can be our Program Chair and a Hospitality Chair. If you are interested, please call me at 760 486 5269 or email me at: Some members have expressed interest in helping out with ideas for some of the programs. So please let me know if you are interested in doing one of these important functions for your camera club.
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