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 As Labor Day is upon us, it usually means the transition from summer to fall, cooler temperatures during the day and a light jacket in the evenings. For many of us photographers it may mean fall colors are on the way.  The question many of you are asking is “When will the fall colors arrive?” That is like asking, “When will the wildflowers bloom?” or “When will the baby arrive?” Paradoxically, it all depends.  For example, I know from my own experience that the first of October in the Eastern Sierra has been optimal for me. But it doesn’t hurt to consult a professional source! Just as there is “California Wildflower Report”, you can consult the “California Fall Color Report” at As we get closer to the end of September, you might want to be checking the website daily.  Southern California Wildflower Reports - Desert Blooms May 5, 2018 Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve reports: As of April 2nd, the hills are mostly green with different varieties of wildflowers scattered around the reserve. California Fall Color – Dude, autumn happens here, too. Premiering tonight and continuing through summer, KCET airs six new video segments on its website, The Web series explores the majestic California Coastal Trail; its past, its present and its future through historical narratives, camping and hiking guides, social media videos, and articles about important cultural points ...   Next you may ask, “When do I make reservations for my hotel or camping?” This can be tough due to weather unpredictability, but since we assume you are retired or independently wealthy, book 3 weeks out starting the last week of September and have a blast! Trying to narrow down the timeframe any closer depends on several variables.  Rain or snowstorms accompanied by heavy winds may prematurely denude trees of their colorful leaves.  Remember your basic biology: the green color in the leaves is made up of chlorophyll and as the length of the day shortens (less sun) and the temperature drops, the chlorophyll dies revealing other pigments like carotenes (oranges), xanthophyll’s (yellows) and anthocyanin (reds).  You can find out more information about this at   So there you have it; fall is around the corner, so be sure to attend our September 17th meeting where we will discuss photographing the fall landscape and its dramatic color changes.  Dave Every Day is Earth Day
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