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Presidents Message Dear Redlands Camera Club Members Well   another   month   has   come   and   gone   and   we   are   still   stuck   with   the   Covid- 19   Virus.   It   looks   like   we   will   be   meeting   virtually   again   in   July   and   maybe   into August.   We   are   fortunate   with   technology   that   we   can   continue   to   meet   via the   Internet.   The   important   thing   is   to   keep   safe   during   this   time   by   wearing masks and keeping your distance from others. The   summer   months   provides   us   with   lots   of   photographic   opportunities. There   are   lots   of   places   we   can   go   and   keep   our   social   distancing.   If   you Google   National   Parks   or   state   parks   you   will   find   many   of   them   have   or   will reopen    soon.    You    may    not    have    all    the    conveniences    that    you    normally would, so check before you go. There   is   no   telling   how   crowded   the   places   will   be   where   you   go.   There   is   an interesting   way   of   getting   rid   of   the   crowds   in   your   photographs.   Double stack   a   #3   neutral   density   filter   on   top   of   a   #10   neutral      density   filter   and leave   the   camera   shutter   open   for   10   to   11   minutes   and   the   people   will disappear   that   are   moving.      This   also   works   for   cars   and   boats   too   that   are moving    through    the    scene.    This    will    be    some    of    the    items    that    will    be discussed    in    our    Zoom    meeting    on    July    20th.    The    subject    is    travel photography. The   club   is   planning   a   Fall   competition.   See   the   competition   chair   message from Carl Detrow. We   hope   that   everyone   will   remain   safe   and   healthy   during   this   summer   while enjoying photography.
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