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Wow! It’s already August and summer is well underway. We   had   a   great   summer   photo   competition   and   a   good   turnout   for   the   awards   night,   all   good   stuff.      As   we   prepare   for   our   first   meeting for August we are looking towards preparing for the glorious colors of fall this October.   In   lieu   of   having   a   survey   this   year,   (and   I   am   sure   most   are   really   bummed   out   about   not   having   a   survey!)   During   our   meetings   I   have asked   for   suggestions   as   to   how   we   can   better   serve   our   membership.      As   of   this   writing,   I   have   not   had   feedback   from   anyone.      So   I might   make   a   leap   of   faith   and   presume   everyone   just   loves   what   we   are   doing   and   to   keep   it   up!      BUT,   just   in   case   there   is   someone   out there who has an idea, please let me know.  As   our   SoCal   summer   continues   through   September   and   October,   a   few   things   to   keep   in   mind   for   you   and   your   camera   as   you   travel through   our   desert   climate   with   the   summer   monsoon   season   upon   us.      For   you,   bring   water,   sunscreen,   appropriate   clothing,   and   watch the heat and how it is affecting you.  For   your   camera   you   need   to   be   thinking   about   condensation.      When   you   go   from   a   nice,   cool   environment   (your   car   with   the   AC   on   or your hotel room) to a hot humid outside environment, condensation can form inside your lens and camera.  On   the   outside   of   your   camera   use   a   soft   dry   cloth;   for   the   inside   of   your   camera   let   the   camera   acclimate   to   the   new   environment   slowly.     If   you   are   traveling   in   a   high   humidity   environment   you   might   want   to   consider   silica   gel   packets   in   your   camera   bag   to   absorb   excess moisture. I   know   it   is   challenges   at   times,   but   if   at   all   possible,   do   not   store   your   camera   in   a   hot   car   for   long   periods   of   time.   Although   I   am   not exactly   sure   how   temperatures   of   130+   degrees   will   affect   the   electronics   of   your   camera,   it   can’t   be   good;   I   do   know   it   has   negative effects on me! Have a fun and safe summer.
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