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The Use of Reflectors and Fill Flash There   are   several   ways   to   assist   in   the   additional   lighting   of   your   photos,   with   the   use   of reflectors   and   fill   flash.   Reflectors   can   be   used   in   close-up   and   macro   photography   to   help fill in any shadow areas of your photo subject. The   same   with   portrait   photography.   Reflectors   typically   come   in   colors   of   white,   silver and gold. I often use a reflector when shooting macro photos of flowers. You   can   angle   light   from   the   sun,   bright   sky   or   even   an   alternate   light   source   into   the flower,   portrait   or   macro   subject   to   provide   additional   light   to   darker   areas.   The   white reflector   will   give   a   soft   light   onto   the   subject   while   a   silver   reflector   will   give   a   little   harder lighting.   A   gold   reflector   will   result   in   a   warmer,   orange/yellow   color   to   the   subject. Reflectors   come   in   varying   sizes   but   can   also   be   very   portable   by   twisting   into   a   small package.   Watch   the   results   through   your   viewfinder   or   Live   View   screen   as   you   move   the reflector around to see how the light is reflecting onto your subject. Fill   flash   is   a   way   to   use   your   flash   at   a   much   lower   strength   to   just   fill   in   a   darker   area   of the   scene   in   front   of   you   to   bring   attention   and   balance   to   that   foreground   area.   You   can set   your   fill   flash   at   different   strength   levels   to   lower   or   increase   the   area   covered   and brightness. The   fill   should   be   kept   at   a   level   to   just   fill   in   and   help   support   the   main   subject,   not overpower   it.   Flash   can   be   a   very   white   light   but   can   be   softened   by   use   of   a   pop-on diffuser   or   warmed   up   by   using   an   orange   or   yellow   gel   cover   over   the   flash.   Experiment with   different   strengths.   Flash   can   also   be   bounced   off   of   walls   or   other   large   areas   into your   scene   but   will   take   on   some   of   the   color   of   the   area   being   bounced   off   of.   Bouncing flash   off   of   a   red   wall   will   result   in   a   reddish   color   onto   your   scene   or   subject.   Just   like   sun- lit   scenes,   it   is   better   to   get   your   flash   to   come   from   the   side   rather   than   straight   onto your scene.
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