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Our   next   Mentoring   session   will   just   prior   to   our   Member's   Night   meeting   on   October   16.   Meeting   time   will   be   5:30   at   the   church. Please   contact   me   at   rpdrunner@msn.com    to   give   me   any   subjects   that   you   would   like to   discuss.   That   way,   I   know   I   will   be   covering   subjects   that   you   are   interested   in rather   than   guessing   what   to   cover.   This   is   for   any   level   member   that   would   like   to learn   more   about   any   particular   area   of   photography.   If   your   schedule   requires   you   to be   late,   no   problem,   we   will   be   in   the   back,   northwest   corner   of   the   main   room,   near where the light controls are. Makes it a little quieter.
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Getting Better Results with your Wide Angle Lens Shooting with a wide angle lens will result in some distortion to your subject material, especially, in vertical shots. Wide   angle   lenses   shot   at   90   degree   angle   to   the   scene   will   make   the   foreground   look   bigger   by   stretching   it   out a little in horizontal shots and even more in vertical. This   is   often   a   good   thing   because   it   creates   attention   to   the   foreground   which   then   leads   the   eye   to   the   main subject   of   the   photo.   But   on   the   other   side,   the   top   of   the   photo,   it   makes   things   look   smaller.   So,   if   you   have   an interesting mountain range in the distance in the background, the mountains will look a little smaller. If   you   want   to   see   how   much   distortion   there   is,   shoot   a   vertical   of   someone   reclining   back   in   a   chair   with   the feet   at   the   bottom   and   head   at   the   top   at   a   90   degree   angle.   The   resulting   photo   will   make   the   legs   and   feet seem   much   longer   and   bigger   while   the   head   will   seem   smaller   in   comparison.   It   is   accentuated   even   more,   the closer you get to the person. This   can   be   corrected   somewhat   by   the   angle   that   you   have   your   camera   at   the   time   you   shoot   the   photo. Biggest   distortion   is   when   you   have   the   camera   at   a   90   degree   angle   to   the   scene.   By   adjusting   the   camera down   to   about   45   degree   angle   to   the   scene,   you   still   have   the   stretching   to   the   foreground   but   then   you   also have   some   stretching   to   the   top   of   the   photo.   The   mountain,   top   of   the   waterfall   or   top   of   the   trees   will   now look a little bigger rather than smaller.
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