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Our   next   Mentoring   session   will   just   prior   to   our   Member's   Night   meeting   on   October   16.   Meeting   time   will   be   5:30   at   the   church. Please   contact   me   at   rpdrunner@msn.com    to   give   me   any   subjects   that   you   would   like to   discuss.   That   way,   I   know   I   will   be   covering   subjects   that   you   are   interested   in rather   than   guessing   what   to   cover.   This   is   for   any   level   member   that   would   like   to learn   more   about   any   particular   area   of   photography.   If   your   schedule   requires   you   to be   late,   no   problem,   we   will   be   in   the   back,   northwest   corner   of   the   main   room,   near where the light controls are. Makes it a little quieter.
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Framing the Shot You often hear the term, “framing your shot” but what does that mean and when would you use it? Framing a photo will help create depth, simplify or focus the viewer's attention to where you want it. Usually,   it   is   with   something   along   the   sides   that   then   funnels   your   view   into   the   main   subject.   It   can   also   be   a darker object surrounding a lighter colored, main subject. Another   example   would   be   looking   out   from   within   a   cave   or   tunnel,   to   your   main   subject.   Looking   through   a completely   out   of   focus   area   to   a   subject   that   is   in   focus   would   do   the   same   thing,   attract   immediate   attention to the part of the photo that is in focus.
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