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Rick Strobaugh
I know I often find myself shooting with the same lens, my 17-40, every time I stop  for shots while traveling. I have to remind myself, use other lenses too. While  shooting landscape photos, a wide angle gives great coverage of a large landscape  area. I often zoom in to the 40mm setting when I am cropping out stuff that is not  contributing to the photo but even that can cover a large area.. After your 17-40 or  whatever wide angle you use, pull out your telephoto and start shooting the  "intimate" landscapes. Within your large landscape, there are probably many much  smaller photo subjects that are just as interesting, if not more so. With your zoom,  you can now isolate different aspects of that landscape that you found so interesting  in the first place. Then, if you really want to go wild, pull out a macro or use your  telephoto for macro shots. There are lots of macro subjects, literally, at your feet.  Work a scene for all it's worth and you may find many shots that you like even better  than your wide angle shot.     Rick Strobaugh Mentor Chair 909 795 4034
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