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Our   next   Mentoring   session   will   just   prior   to   our   Member's   Night   meeting   on   October   16.   Meeting   time   will   be   5:30   at   the   church. Please   contact   me   at   rpdrunner@msn.com    to   give   me   any   subjects   that   you   would   like to   discuss.   That   way,   I   know   I   will   be   covering   subjects   that   you   are   interested   in rather   than   guessing   what   to   cover.   This   is   for   any   level   member   that   would   like   to learn   more   about   any   particular   area   of   photography.   If   your   schedule   requires   you   to be   late,   no   problem,   we   will   be   in   the   back,   northwest   corner   of   the   main   room,   near where the light controls are. Makes it a little quieter.
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The   Ultimate   Photography   Crash   Course   with   Scott   Kelby   is   photography   seminar   which   is   being   held   at   San
Diego Convention Center on Wednesday,
February 12, 2020.
Right     now,     eight     club     members     are     going     to     attend.     Scott     Kelby     runs     KelbyOne,     a     world-wide
Photoshop/Lightroom   and   photography   training   web   site.   The   seminar   is   from   10:00   AM   to   5:00   PM   with   a
number of vendors also on site.
Registration and sign in for pre-registered participants, starts at 9:00.
The   normal   cost   is   $99.00   per   person   to   attend   but   with   the   Promo   Code   -   UPCCSAND,   the   cost   is   $89.00.   If   four
or   more   people   sign   up   together,   the   cost   drops   to   $79.00   each.   The   lecture   sessions   are:   The   Secrets   of
Shooting   Amazing   Landscapes,   10   Things   I   Wish   Had   Known   Sooner,   How   to   Shoot   People   Like   a   Pro,   How   to
Get Incredibly Sharp Photos and Photo Recipes: A Cookbook of Looks &
How to Create Them.
Also   included   is   a   fully-detailed   workbook   and   videos   which   follows   along   with   the   instruction   so,   you   won’t
need   to   take   notes,   can   just   concentrate   on   the   classes.   It   also   includes   a   fully   licensed   copy   of   ON1   Photo   RAW,a
Lightroom alternative and $99.00 value.
Right   now,   eight   of   us   are   registered   and   attending.   We   will   be   carpooling   down   on   the   12th.   Anyone   else
interested,   it   sounds   like   a   very   good   set   of   classes   to   help   improve   our   photography.   If   you   do   sign   up   and   want
to meet or carpool, contact me at rpdrunner@msn.com.
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