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 Submitting Images for Quick Pix / Members' Night / Competitions  All images for Quick Pix / Members' Night / Competitions will be uploaded to our website using the online form which will be available one  week prior to each Quick Pix / Members' Night and two weeks prior to each Competition. No images will be accepted on CD's or Flash Drives.  Quick Pix / Members' Night / Competitions digital images must be submitted as follows:  Images should be sized to 1280 pixels on the long side at 72 dpi. Files must be in the sRGB color space.  Files must be in the .JPG format or they will be rejected. Filename must be lower case with no spaces.  capitals or punctuation marks or they will be rejected. File sizes over 3.5mb will be rejected.  Here are pointers for titling your image and naming your file.  Title: For the image title, use a short title for your image. It works best and may have more impact.  The sense of the image may get lost with long titles. Also, the long titles typically do not fit on the ribbon labels.  The title should have normal word breaks. For example, a good title would be: Sunrise Over Redlands.  Running the words together without capitals and normal spaces, sunriseoverredlands, makes it hard to read.   File Name: The file name should be the title of your image in lower case all together with the same words of the title run together.   For the above image the file name would be sunriseoverredlands and saved in jpg as specified in the tutorials on our website.   Just as the title should be with capitals and spaces, the file name should not. These are not good file names:   Sunrise Over Redlands or DSC_1245.jpg, which is perhaps the original file name of the image.         Title: Sunrise Over Redlands         File Name: sunriseoverredlands         Now you got it, right? I know I will be seeing some great images.
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