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 April Field Trip
In   the   interests   of   personal   safety   and   following   the   precautions   outlined   by   the   CDC   during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am cancelling the club field trip for April. I   will   continue   to   make   this   judgment   on   a   month-to-month   basis   until   the   danger   has passed. In    the    meanwhile,    I    hope    you    will    try    to    practice    your    photography    despite    the    new restrictions.   There   is   a   lot   you   can   do   right   in   your   own   backyard   and   within   your   home. Consider   this   as   an   opportunity   to   explore   new   types   of   photography   that   you   may   not   have tried   before.   Sample   some   of   the   free   online   tutorials   and   expand   your   post-processing   skills. Share   your   images   on   the   club   blog.   Chat   with   other   photographers   on   Zoom,   FB   and   other social media formats. Until I see you again, stay healthy and stay in place. God bless.
Beverly Brett
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