Featured Photographer - November 2013

Sue Richardson I came late to the party. At the age of 61, I jumped into photography with both feet! First the camera - a Nikon D200. I read Thom Hogan's 800 page book on this camera three times. I figured one really needed to know their camera and what it was capable of capturing. Then I moved to Missoula, Montana for 11 weeks, to study at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Please trust me when I say that they taught you everything you ever wanted to know about photography, but were afraid to ask. They don't call it "Summer Intensive" for nothing! Now that I thought that I had a good handle on the basics, I had to determine what I wanted to specialize in. This question remains unanswered to this day, as I enjoy all different kinds of photography. I continue to take classes and workshops wherever I can find them. I especially enjoy learning from fellow members of the Redlands Camera Club. There is a real treasure of photographic knowledge within our club. If you haven't already guessed by my aggressive approach to photography, I am a tax accountant. I just wish I would have paid more attention during art class to that darn color wheel! Final words: Always remember, "Photography is a journey, not a destination!" Enjoy the journey!
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