Featured Photographer - December 2010 

Steve Oberholtzer I love taking digital pictures. Like many others, my Dad had a darkroom when I was a child, and I learned to develop black and white pictures. I never got very good at it, the time between taking the picture and the presentation of the print made it so that any corrections and adjustments I needed to make were lost in time. I would look at the print and think, "If I had only changed the exposure, or only moved to the right, that would be a good picture". With digital I get the feedback I need immediately. The camera back has improved my pictures greatly, because I see immediately what works or doesn't work to get me the effect I need. I shoot mostly aspiring models and landscapes. I have a studio set up in my front room, and a pretty fancy yard sale studio strobe system. I find that the first time I shoot something, it is OK. The next time, I know better what I want to do, and how to do it. Some of my favorite pictures are of waterfalls near where I worked in San Bernardino, and I would go and shoot the falls regularly for the three years I worked there, and I would get better each time I shot them. The Club photo competitions have helped me have a better idea of what makes a good picture. A 'record shot' is not enough, now I strive for the 'wow' factor in each shot.
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