Featured Photographer - December 2014

Steve Felber I have been interested in photography since I was in my 20's - in other words, a very long time. Around 1990, I began taking photography classes at Mt. San Antonio JC. Since they incorporated photography into their technical division (instead of arts), these classes gave me a pretty solid base in the technical aspects of the medium. To pay for this expensive hobby, I embarked on the Weekend Warrior phase of photography, shooting weddings on weekends. I did this for 5 or 6 years, then upon retirement, I decided I didn't need that stress anymore. But I wanted to get even more serious about photography; that's when I joined the Redlands Camera Club - around 2003. At that time, only about 12 - 15 people attended meetings. Boy, have things changed! And boy, have I learned a lot as a result of this club. While I thought I knew more than the average hobbyist, I didn't realize how much I didn't know. Attending workshops and seminars, learning from other members, and going to photo conventions in Las Vegas and Pasadena have all contributed to my growth as a photographer. I now consider myself an advanced amateur -- with still a lot of learning ahead of me. I still enjoy my involvement with the club and hope you all take advantage of the many opportunities that can be found here. www.felberphotography.com
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