Featured Photographer - August  2009 

Steve Burgraff It is said everyone needs a hobby, something they enjoy. Photography started out that way for me but it soon become addictive. I couldn't wait for the next opportunity to use my camera. I learned a few tricks in Photoshop and stayed up all night putting wings on a horse. It took many sleepless nights before I even began to get better at it. A few years ago something happened which launched my images to a new level. I joined Redlands Camera Club. I met the fantastic people here and learned from their vast experience. They welcomed me into the group and gave me the guidance and technical skills I was lacking. I also learned from viewing other peoples images and listening to positive critique. It is an onging adventure. Photography is now a lifelong joy of mine. My wife Cindy shares and supports my photography. People make all the difference, and I am proud to be associated with so many of you. My thoughts are also with our U.S. solders serving our great nation. I especially thank and appreciate you! Submitted for your enjoyment are a few samples of my photography.
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