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Featured Photographer - December 2015

Rick Strobaugh I always enjoyed photography and like everyone else, took snap-shot vacation photos but wanted improve those skills. My first real photography training was while doing forensic work as a police officer. As a Detective in charge of the CSI Unit, I expanded my abilities while photographing crime scenes, injuries, dead bodies and autopsies. I was able to transfer that training over to more pleasing subject matters such as landscapes, wildlife and macro photos. I have two primary hobbies, running marathons (coming up on my 60th) and photography. I pick very scenic areas in which to run then grab my camera gear and start exploring and shooting pictures. I have traveled all over the west running and exploring new areas. I have taken a few photography classes, done a lot of reading, especially Outdoor Photographer, to improve my photography. Two other things I have found very helpful are going to art galleries while traveling and joining the Redlands Camera Club. Both have allowed me to see through other people's eyes and helped me look at scenery in new ways. Going to area art galleries also helps you find the local photography locations.
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