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Richard Molony I was born in San Bernardino, raised in Colton, lived in Redlands for a year before joining the Navy. Now live in Highland. First photography work: Helping my Dad (who was a member of the RCC) in his darkroom. First camera (1943) Ansco 2 ¼ x2 ¼, folding camera, which I still own, but the shutter has lost its accuracy and besides today who's ever heard of 120 roll film. After six years in the Navy and four in college I got a teaching job in San Bernardino. When the photography teacher was moved to another school, I was assigned to take over his class. I rushed to Valley College to take a photography course to learn about f/settings and that sort of stuff that I hadn't learned in my Dad's darkroom. I taught beginning photography and did photography for a Jr. Hi yearbook for several years until the poor economy took yearbook and photography classes out of Middle Schools. Retired in 1986. I moved into digital with a point and shoot. My family gave me a Nikon D70 for my eightieth birthday and I found out about Frank's classes and the Redlands Camera club about five years ago. I lean toward scenic, nature photography, and pictures of my two great-grandchildren. My most recent project has been organizing some old Kodachromes into DVDs with music and narration. I have used a wide range of cameras over the years. I even lugged a 4x5 folding Graflex SLR along the sideline at a football game. That builds arm muscles. I now use a Nikon D90 with several lenses and I'm still learning Elements, currently number 11.
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