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Featured Photographer - September 2014

Peter Burke My name is Peter Burke and I recently retired from UC Riverside after 50 years of being a professor (only the last 12 at Riverside). With what little extra time I now have, I am getting back to an early love for photography. In the 1950s I had some excellent cameras (my most fun was a Busch Pressman, but those big flashbulbs could certainly eat into the earnings of a high school student) and I worked for a couple of years part time back then in a photo shop developing and printing customer's film. Also I had set up my own darkroom in a closet with the ability to develop film and enlarge pictures. Then life took over and smaller cameras became the rule. I did make the change to digital format as most everyone else, but then a few years ago I began to yearn for a better camera and, more importantly, a better lens that gave sharp pictures. So, now my goal is to move my skills up to what my new Canon 7D with an EF 24-105 f/4L lens can accomplish. I especially want to apply these skills to landscape and nature photography. Redlands Camera Club seems like the best place to do that, learning from the wonderful and friendly members, the classes and workshops, and all the rest that comes with membership.
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