Featured Photographer - April 2011

Patrick Flood Hi my name is Patrick Flood. I reside in Yucaipa CA. I have been a member of the Redlands Camera Club for about 10 years now and I have learned much since first joining. I am currently using a Canon 1Ds Mark ll DSLR camera. My preferences are for Landscape and Architecture. Vivid Colors are my specialty. I am partial to sunsets and sunrises. I have always had a love for image making but never felt I had complete control of the process until the advent of the digital SLR and Photoshop. These two tools opened up a whole new world for me and gave me the ability to share the world as I see it. I started with a Canon 10 D and then graduated to the Canon 20D and am currently using the Canon 1DS Mark ll with the 20D as back up. The Mark ll allows me to make the picture a lot larger.
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