Featured Photographer - October 2010 

Pat Murphy In 1976, when browsing through a neighborhood yard sale, I found a 35mm Petri FTE with a 135mm F3.8 lens. It was my first camera. I had a lot of fun sharing hunting, fishing and traveling photos. I also became more and more interested in photography. After several other cameras, I purchased my first Nikon. In 1999 I took some photography classes and became friends with my teacher, Phil Dunham. He taught photography the old fashioned way and fortunately I was invited to join what was known as " The Group". We met at Phil's house every third Saturday of the month. We critiqued our photos and shared ideas. Through "The Group" I became acquainted with members of the Redlands Camera Club. I went digital about the same time many others did in the Redlands Camera Club , where I have continued learning on the never ending photo curve.
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