Featured Photographer - February 2016

Nancy Felber I have had a mild interest in photography since receiving my first Brownie camera for Christmas when I was about ten. I really wanted it, but didn't use it much. Years later, when I graduated from college and started teaching, I decided to purchase a Polaroid camera for use in the classroom. From there, I bought several point and shoot cameras that I used for many years. This allowed me to collect "magic moments" of my students throughout the school year, to be used in a memory book keepsake for their parents. Not much award winning photography going on, but it was a start and it was fun. After retiring 13 years ago, my real interest began when my husband Steve joined the Redlands Camera Club, and after our first "leaf peeping" RV trip to the East Coast with Jerry and Bessie Reese. On this trip, I didn't have a camera, so spent many days reading in the car while everyone else had all the fun. Upon our return, I also joined the Redlands Camera Club and purchased my first Nikon from Bessie. Now my journey of landscape photography had begun. I mostly like to photograph landscapes and flowers, as we travel across the country in our RV. From the Oregon Coast and the Olympic Peninsula, across the country through Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, to the coasts of Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards Island, The Smokey Mountains and back through Moab and Monument Valley, I have come upon numerous photo opportunities.
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