Featured Photographer - July 2011

Nancy Akumarthi My Name is Nancy Akumarthi. I am a Registered Nurse at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana, CA. I am currently happily married and have a daughter who is just turning 19 as well as several four legged children. I currently live in Loma Linda, CA. I was recently able to upgrade to a Canon 60 D, which I love. The Live View is tremendous! I've always been the "family photographer". I just enjoyed trying to capture fun times and moments, usually not very well. Just snapshots! It wasn't until my daughter had her Senior Portraits taken by a professional that I got seriously interested in making my snapshots more. The photographer referred me to the Redlands Camera Club and to Frank Peele who could teach me Elements 8. I also started to attend many of the seminars at Shutter Stories and am currently taking private classes from Nick Carver in Laguna, CA. Taking my new found knowledge I am applying it where ever I can. Landscapes, portraits, and anytime I can get an animal to sit still long enough. What a difference it has made in my work. I still feel new and inexperienced, but I know that by learning more about my equipment and photography techniques, gaining knowledge from those who are more educated and experienced in the field and just practicing every chance I get, I will advance.
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