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Featured Photographer - February 2014

Lyle Hammond I remember my first good photograph and the recognition that it was not bad. It was a black & white portrait that I developed and printed. What fun. I wanted to do more and soon found I most enjoyed being out in nature and trying to photograph wildlife. Making composite pictures in PhotoShop, like the single anhinga catching and swallowing a fish in the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge in Florida, the single Cocoi Heron tree top takeoff in the Peruvian Amazon and the Bosque del Apache composite of two flights of sandhill cranes has added to the challenge. After learning to scuba dive, underwater photography was a natural progression. For over 20 years, diving adventures have taken my wife and me to locations in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and other countries throughout out the South Pacific. Next year, for example, we will be in Borneo and the Philippines. As far as picking difficult-to-master areas of photography, I think both of these are at or near the top. While the shutter is clicking, you are certain you will garner a magazine cover for your effort only to get to the computer to find the focus is a bit soft or the composition is poor or the underwater strobe was off subject. The list is long! While appreciating the grander aspects of landscape photography, my photographic passion is just being outdoors observing birds in their habitat or fish underwater. Any frustrations experienced with nature photography disappear when all the variables come together for a memorable image.
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