Featured Photographer - November 2016 

Larry Huddleston As many others, I too started my passion for shooting photos as a child. But as most say their first camera was a Kodak Brownie, my first camera was from Kodak. It was an Instamatic 134 model with flash cube to be exact. I used this camera well into high school and it never failed me. After moving out on my own I still wanted more. I finally was able to buy my first 35 mm camera, a Canon AE-1. I shot many rolls of slide film with this camera. I never had any formal training. I was self taught, always taking photos of cars at the car shows or old cars, old buildings at Ghost towns and other unique things. I went into the digital age and never looked back, with renewed vigor of being able to work on my photos, edit and make them look as I saw them. With my new Canon 70D I have really come into this new era of digital effects. This is truly the most fun. With the help of my wife, she at the computer and being the artist there, I think we are able to come up with some unique images.  I was able to join (PAN.) Photo Artist Network of  Riverside about 7 years ago.  Now I’m able to share my passion with other people with similar interests and it is a great place to show off your work and bounce ideas off other members.  Now with the help and encouragement of (PAN) and other members I am able to bring my work for others to see and have won several ribbons. I will continue to live and learn because when you quit learning you quit living.    brokentrucker12@yahoo.com                        
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