Featured Photographer - November 2010 

Ken Woodford I was born, raised and lived here in the Inland Empire area of Southern California except for when I spent 4 years in South Dakota on the U.S.A.F. ticket as a Jet Engine mechanic. I enlisted in the the U.S.A.F. right out of High School thinking that was the easy way to a career without having to go to college. But as fate would have it I did attend and graduate from S.B.V.C. with a degree in music all on the G.I. Bill. In 1983 my Wife and I were married and we had our first baby. When income tax refund time came around we decided to buy a SLR. I really had no idea about exposure and settings except what I read in a photographic magazine. I did my best and kept notes but I still wasn't getting it just right so I kept the camera on automatic most of the time. But as silver prices skyrocketed I gave up the SLR and went back to the Kodak 110. I retired in Jan 2010 after 23 years as a Deputy Sheriff of San Bernardino County. For a retirement gift I bought a Nikon D700, 3 studio strobes and a few backdrops. I like to photograph people. To me people are my passion. People are what make the world go around. I enjoy shooting portraits when I can. For now I mainly shoot landscapes/ cityscapes with an occasional portrait session thrown in. I also love the long timed exposures, full moon or city lights, it doesn't matter. I like how the image comes out with the streaks of light and the movement of the clouds. It's those things the eyes cannot capture that fascinate me with timed exposures.
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