Featured Photographer - September 2009

Karen Coates Karen Coates was born in Los Angeles, California. Her maiden aunt was the matriarch of the family and took upon herself to document three generations on film. Some of Karen's earliest memories were family gathering together to watch as large images filled with light and color appeared on the magic screen! It was this same aunt that gave Karen her first camera. Until a trip to Italy and Slovenia in 2007 she used photography mainly as resource for her paintings and drawings. The quality of the captured images and the flexibility of digital media convinced her to pursue this medium as a distinct art form. Karen's unique work includes a variety of styles and techniques, such as photo weaving and hand colored prints in addition to more traditional methods of photography. She is currently experimenting with digital negatives as the final product. "It creates a juxtaposition of light and dark in an surreal, but beautiful way. The light emanates from within; the object becomes the source of the light rather than the reflector. This method fills the object with active energy and helps to personify it." Karen retired this summer after 25 years as an arts educator to pursue her love of photography.
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