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John Ferlong OK, let’s get a couple of things straight upfront! I am the “new kid on the block”, (“kid” a a real stretch) and consider myself a rank amateur! Basically an old dog trying to learn a few new tricks. I was born, raised and educated in Colorado then served in the U.S. Army for 13 years, followed by 27 years in Federal and State law enforcement. My earliest associations with the world of photography were of the family “happy snap” and “home video” variety. While serving in Viet Nam an after hours darkroom exposure (no pun intended) broadened my interest. This led to the pursuit of underwater still and video endeavors, which ultimately replaced a commitment to spear fishing. Through photography I could share the beauty of the ocean but gave up a great source of fresh seafood. For over 45 years my photographic world was underwater stills and video, as well as a collection of “happy snap” travel and family photos. After moving from Hawaii to California over a year ago it became obvious that oceanic access would be substantially limited. Having been bitten by the photography bug it became apparent that a land based pursuit of this hobby was the answer. Fortunately the acquisition of a new set of photographic equipment did not threaten my marriage, but boosted the value of Canon and Nikon stock. I thoroughly enjoy the hunt for, and capture of, various types of subject matter as well as the challenges of post processing. One thing that I have discovered is that the learning process never ends and thanks to the assistance of others and resources found on the internet, this Old Dog might be able to learn some new tricks.
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