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Jim Selby One of my first pictures was of my sister and her boyfriend with a Brownie camera in about 1958. I used various point and shoot cameras for years on Boy Scout and family trips, and around town. In 1971 I purchased a Pentax Spotmatic Camera while stationed in Bremerhaven, Germany in the Navy as a Communications Technician. While in Germany I had an opportunity to use the base's darkroom to play around with developing and printing black and white pictures. In Bremerhaven I volunteered in the playhouse doing set construction, painting, and photography. I also have taken pictures at my cousins Dusk 'til Dawn Blues festival in Oklahoma and at a few other concerts. The Lions Club gave me an opportunity to help provide used eye glasses to thousands of people and a chance to take lots of pictures some of which have been used on promotional materials, posters and their website. When I moved to California in 1978 I started square dancing and joined the Sierra Club where I participated in and led outings in the local area and the Sierras. My wife just retired last week so we will be revisiting some of the areas I've been to and explore further afield. I joined the Redlands Camera Club last July and have taken three of the classes taught by Frank Peele. I still have a lot to learn!!
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