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Ellen Rowan  Ellen Rowan grew up in Southern California in a loving family. She is one of six children. She was always creating form the start in life. If she had to sit quietly at the dinner table and listen to conversation her hands were busy with the paper napkin under the table tearing it into some creation. Ellen excels in baking she is an acclaimed baker known for her cookies. She also enjoys cooking for others. As a preteen she was given a camera where we saw she had a great eye for composition. We have always encouraged our children to pursue what they liked. Ellen follows her mother in artistic endeavors, but photography is her love. She has stated that with a camera she can create any where she goes not only in a studio. Ellen has traveled with the family, but has continued in her adult life. She has enjoyed teaching in Japan for a summer. She has been to Canada, Alaska, Bulgaria, and all through the western United States. She holds a Master's degree in Mathematical Art and, teaches math, and science, and art in a local middle school. She has been a yearbook editor and photographer. Lately Ellen has enjoyed photographing flowers, but her real goal is to use her photography to help her students see things that are discussed in their Science class. Her photos taken during her travels are based on earth science. Be it out-cropping's of granite or sulfur ridden pools of water with there many colors in Yellowstone. Ellen joined RCC about a year ago. She has lived in Redlands for the past ten years. At this time her camera of choice is a Sony a300, she has used a Pentax's SLR, a double lens reflex and a few point and shoot camera's.
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