Featured Photographer - April 2013

Don Clemons My photography interest started when my family moved to the country of Peru in 1972 and I remember my dad photographing the sights of the Amazon jungles; rugged Andes Mountains and the incredible Inca ruins. Then on a 5-week trip through Europe in 1981, my dad shot the scenes of each country with a Nikon camera that the whole family had bought with money by cleaning a cabinet factory for months. So I would say my dad was my original inspiration for photography. I then inherited a Canon AE-1 when I got married and just about wore that out. My Digital career started when I bought my friends Nikon 5700 when he upgraded to D70. Then bought that D70 when he upgraded again. Then I worked side jobs for months to buy a brand new Nikon D300 and thought I had arrived, only to realize I needed better lenses and the quest continued. I now shoot with a D800 and am slowly upgrading lenses, but with kids in college – yes, you understand. My only formal training is 2 of Frank Peele’s classes: for which I am very grateful to him for his help and encouragement. Most of my learning is trial and error and tips by the good folks at the Redlands Camera Club. I am learning Lightroom 4 and bought CS5 but am still trying to learn how to use it – any mentors in the group? I have so many creative ideas in my mind waiting to come to life. I have had the privilege of sharing some of my photos with the hospital I work at in Loma Linda, and making enlargements to share with patients and staff – this has been a blessing to create nature scenes that both inspire and bring people calmness and peace of soul. I think there is no greater use for this hobby, then to bless others with it. What good are pictures unless you can share them? Don “DJ” Clemons
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