Featured Photographer - February 2013

Debra Dorothy Hi,   I'm   Debra   Dorothy   and   I   have   been   a   member   of   RCC   for   about   2   years.   I   feel   I have   learned   so   much   in   that   short   two   year   period,   thanks   mainly   to   the   other members   and   the   great   instruction   from   Frank   Peele.   I   bought   a   Canon   Rebel   Ti   a couple   days   before   I   joined   the   club   and   that   was   the   beginning   of   my   photographic journey. I   mostly   love   shooting   animals   and   wildlife,   but   like   to   dabble   in   Portraits,   Still-life and   especially   night   shooting.   I   have   had   other   members   ask   me   if   I   shoot   anything besides   birds   and   animals   and   I   have   to   say   I   do   but   not   as   well.   It's   still   a   learning process for me. My   favorite   equipment   I   use   is   a   Canon   5dMark2,   Canon   7d,   Canon   300   Lens, Canon   100-300   Lens,   Canon   24   to   75   lens   among   others.   I   like   Canon   because   that is   what   I   started   with   and   it   always   seems   that   they   are   improving   their   camera's and   lens's.   I   am   sure   that   Nikon   user's   feel   the   same   way.   But,   you   know   Canon really IS better! Just kidding! Kinda. I   have   a   wonderful   husband   who   is   always   so   patient   with   me   when   I   am   shooting and   he   is   with   me.   He   also   has   been   very   generous   and   helps   in   so   many   other   ways. We have a small medical practice in Yucaipa and are both enjoying semi retirement. I   am   a   mentor   for   the   club   and   I   look   forward   to   possibly   being   your   mentor.   Just   let   me   know   if   you need   help   on   Photoshop   or   wildlife   photography.   I   don't   have   all   the   answers   but   would   like   to   help   all   I can. I   am   also   the   RCC   S4C   Coordinator   and   would   really   like   to   see   more   members   become   involved   with this group. Please   don't   hesitate   to   email   me   or   catch   me   at   our   meetings   if   you   are   interested   in   also   becoming   a member of S4C. eMail Debra
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