Featured Photographer - May 2013

Deborah Seibly Hi, I'm Debby Seibly. I've been a member of the camera club for about two and a half years and have really enjoyed participating in the many club activities. When I joined RCC, I barely knew how to use my digital DSLR. With the great speakers, workshops, classes and competitions the club offers, I have learned so much. I hope it shows in some of my photos. I was very interested in photography in the early 70's-not just shooting but also working in the darkroom. At that time I was using a Canon F1 which I still have. Then in the early 80's, I was scuba diving and taking underwater photos (with a Nikon). Getting the lights in the right position on a moving fish while staying neutrally buoyant and still breathing was very challenging! And I can't say I was ever a very good underwater photographer. Even though photography gave me great pleasure, my life changed; I got very busy professionally and drifted away from any serious picture taking. In 2010 I had an opportunity for a once in a lifetime (so I thought) trip to Southeast Asia and wanted to have some "good pictures". I bought an Olympus 520 as an entry level DSLR and continue to use Olympus equipment. For the past few months, I have been using the OMD-E-M5 mirror less model because it is very light for travel. I particularly enjoy travel and street photography but have been trying to improve my bird and close up photography skills. Most recently, I made a personal commitment and joined the 365 project. It is a photo journal project which entails shooting at least one photo every day. I am hoping the project will "open my eyes"- increase my creativity and technical skills. eMail Deborah
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