Featured Photographer - April 2019

Debbie Strong
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I    have    always    enjoyed    taking    pictures    over    the    years.    My    son played   baseball   from   a   young   age   and   in   college.   I   have   thousands of   pictures   of   him   playing   ball.   My   love   of   photography   grew   after I retired at the end of 2017 from the fire service. I   currently   work   periodically   as   a   reporter   and   photographer   for the   Yucaipa   News   Mirror.   Last   year,   I   had   the   opportunity   to travel    with    my    husband    to    South    Dakota,    Yellowstone    NP,    and surrounding   states   in   our   motor   home.   I   also   went   to   Iceland   last October   for   9   days.   I   love   taking   pictures   of   everything,   especially landscapes. I   recently   joined   a   mentor   program   under   Scott   Lim,   who   is   an international   wedding   photographer.   I   meet   with   the   mentor   group monthly   and   work   on   various   skills.   In   April,   I   am   traveling   to Hawaii    with    Scott    Lim    for    a    photo    shoot    at    the    Pearl    Harbor museum and later in the month to Death Valley NP. Since   I   joined   the   RCC   last   November   I   have   learned   more   about photography   from   the   meetings   discussions.   This   is   a   great   club with friendly members.