Featured Photographer - September 2011

Darlene Lindsey  My name is Darlene Lindsey. I'm a native Southern Californian, married, two sons and many grandchildren. My interest in photography started, as many others, early on in childhood. It has only been recently that I have been able to pursue this passion. I spent many years painting and involved with various art media. Photography is fulfilling my artistic need. Instant rewards! My area of interest is as varied as there are topics and subjects. I'm still looking for my niche. Just when I think I've found it, I find another favorite. I love to travel and this has provided a great venue for photography. I'm presently enrolled in photography classes at Riverside Community College in the city of Riverside, which is also where I reside. I have belonged to Redlands Camera Club for a year and half. Also, Photo Artist Network, Riverside. Shoot and Share, Riverside. Young at Heart, Riverside. My present camera is a Nikon D-200.b.
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