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Dan Griffith Having been familiar with the camera for over 30 years Daniel Griffith is known for photographing the environment around him. Currently he has turned his lens to cacti and succulents. With the abundance of subject matter found in the Southwest, from Cidni's Cactus Garden to the splendor of the Huntington Cactus Garden he has plenty to focus on. Daniel is a member of the Redlands Camera Club, and is a board member of the Gates Cactus & Succulent Society also located in Redlands. He and his wife Cidni have been living in San Bernardino for 24 years. Cidni is a California native while Daniel is a Texas transplant with his roots set firmly in the warm California soil. Daniel's work has been on display in the San Bernardino County Museum as well as the Palm Springs Art Museum. His work is in many public and private collections.
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