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Dale Showman I became interested in photography shortly after my wife and I were married in 1977. My father-in-law gave us a 33mm Mamiya Sekor 500 SLR as a gift and I began buying books on photography and attending photo- workshops on weekends. The following year I hired on with Eastman Kodak to work as a Field Engineer in their Copier Program. The division that I worked in was Electronic Imaging which was completely separate from the film technology parts of Kodak. I spent about three months in Rochester, NY attending copier school. On the weekends I visited the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House in central Rochester. I found much there to induce a lifelong fascination with photography. They have wonderful exhibitions of 19th and 20th century photography to learn from. Back in California I learned to process and print black and white film, and then took a slide film course at Valley College and processed Ektachrome film in my kitchen. I tried Cibachrome printing and found that it was very expensive and time consuming. I upgraded our camera to a Canon A1 SLR , but I had less and less time for photography as I was attending night school to upgrade my professional technical skills. In 2001 I accompanied my wife on a choral tour of New Zealand and Australia. Before leaving my wife wisely convinced me to buy my first digital camera so that we wouldn’t have the hassle of dealing with film and processing. We shot about 1400 pictures in 2 weeks and the image quality was very good. I became convinced that digital photography is the future. In 2003 Bill Nord introduced me to the Redlands Camera Club and I have been attending their meetings, classes, seminars, and field trips ever since. Over the years I have upgraded my cameras to obtain greater capabilities as the technologies have advanced and I am now using a Canon 7D.
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