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Featured Photographer - March 2014

Bitsy Bernor My photography history had a very slow start. My father was very into photography but never shared his interest or knowledge. I remember having a Brownie camera when I was young, but seldom used it. I was too busy just doing to take pictures. In 1998 my husband and I took a three a three month honeymoon trip around the US. On the trip we saw so many beautiful new sights that just "had to be photographed", we got a camera, (don't remember what it was). My love of birds started on that trip also. We became avid birders. However after seeing very many birds that we were unable to remember the exact details, I decided the only way to "remember" exactly what we saw was to take a picture. With more experience with birding I discovered the need for a good zoom lens. At the time Sony had the best image stabilization and with the size of the lens I knew I would need it - so Sony it was (and is). I have a Sony A580 and use a 400mm zoom when birding. Then Mary Ann and I discovered RCC and here we are and loving it. Thanks to all of you who share your love and knowledge. You are a blessing.
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