Featured Photographer - August 2012

Billie Leckey  I was raised in Redondo Beach California and then moved to Redlands when my children Megan and Robert were infants. As my children have grown up, I have always carried a camera with me and have been photographing life events and the unique things that I seem to have the eye for. I got my first camera, a Canon AE1, from my dad as a Christmas gift in 1986 (I still have it). I got an Olympus point and shoot digital camera in 2005 to photograph my teen-ager's swim meets and high school activities. My daughter's senior year of High School, my dad bought me a Canon Rebel XS as an early birthday present. That camera broadened my photography eye and I began to carry it with me everywhere. Wherever I found an interesting item or a cool shot I would stop and photograph it, even pull over off the side of the road to get my shot. I found out about the Redlands Camera Club on line and decided to join the group to learn new things about photography. I have learned so much and I have enjoyed the experience gained from being a part of this organization. Last year (2011), I was able to upgrade to a Canon 7D. I am a firm believer in that "the best camera ever to own is the one you carry with you." I enjoy shooting photojournalism subjects and interesting things that people may not think to capture and turn it into art.
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