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Bill Nord I was born August 14, 1932 in San Bernardino, California. I had one brother, Gerald. I attended San Bernardino Schools and graduated from San Bernardino High School. I had the opportunity of learning about photography from my mother. We started by making contact prints in a frame. Several months later, I got a film tank and learned to develop film. That was some jump! Later, I bought a small enlarger and joined the Lens & Shutter Club. At that time we had about 125 members. Now we have about nine. I am among the youngest at 77 years old. In 1952, I covered my first wedding. Wow, that was something!! At that time I had a Kodak 35 and a Kodak Reflex. About 1955, I bought a 4 X 5 Speed graphic and within two years I had six more 4 X 5 Crown Graphics and two Graphic View Cameras. I used 10 inch Commercial Ektar Lenses. During these years, I entered the salons. During the period from 1955 to date, I have done thousands of weddings and for four years I did crime scene photography. These years were an interesting time in my life. During the years from 1951 to 1952 I went to San Bernardino Valley College. I graduated in 1953. At that point in my life I got a job with the State Division of Highways (which is now Caltrans). Next, I attended California Baptist College and earned a B.A. degree in history, psychology, and education. I am in my 44th year teaching for the San Bernardino Unified School system. I will soon be married 50 years to my wife, Doris! We have traveled to many countries including Africa, Brazil, China, Australia, and Europe. We have two lovely children, Stephanie and Brent. Stephanie is a dietitian at San Bernardino Community Hospital and Bent is an insurance agent for Allstate in San Bernardino. Brent and his wife have blessed us with two grandchildren, Ryan and Breanna. I am still a member of the Lens and Shutter Club and the Redlands Camera Club. I am a member of Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C). After many years, I continue to enjoy photography.
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