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Featured Photographer - September 2016

Alex Woodcock My   how   time   flies!   It’s   hard   to   believe   that   I’ve   been   a Redlands   Camera   Club   member   for   almost   ten   years!      When I   first   joined   RCC   I   was   still   working   full   time   in   my   career   as a   librarian.   Photography   has   always   been   important   to   me but,   by   2010   photography   was   becoming   a   passion.   At   the Rancho   Mirage   Library   I   had   the   opportunity   to   photograph the   Library’s   many   programs   such   as   the   Rancho   Mirage Writer’s   Festival   and   the   Young   Americans.   So   began      my interest   in   event   photography.   During   that   time   I   also   began to   photograph   my   daughter’s   jewelry   and   to   do   model   shoots featuring   her   creations.   These   experiences   made   me   realize how   much   I   enjoyed   “people”   photography.   So   in   2012   I decided    to    retire    so    that    I    could    devote    more    time    to photography and to improve my skills. After   attending   an   excellent   workshop   by   pet   photographer,   Ann   Gordon,   I   was   inspired   to   try   my   hand at   pet   photography.   Animals   have   always   been   a   vital   part   of   my   life   so   what   could   be   better   that   to combine   my   two   loves   –   animals   and   photography?   To   get   some   experience   under   my   belt   I   spent   most of   the   year   after   retiring   persuading   friends   and   their   pets   to   model   for   me.   I   also   volunteered   as   a photographer   at   the   Redlands   Animal   Shelter   with   my   husband   Bruce   –   who   is   my   “wrangler”   during photo   sessions.   Now,   three   years   later   I   am   still   working   part   time   as   a   librarian   but,   I   also   have   more time   to   follow   my   passion   as   a   photographer.   I   love   to   capture   the   expressions   between   pets   and   their humans.   One   of   the   most   emotional   aspects   of   my   photography   is   taking   photos   of   older   or   ill   pets   so that   their   owners   may   have   a   beautiful   photographic   memory   of   their   beloved   fur   kid   after   they   are gone.      In   the   near   future   I   plan   to   renew   my   efforts   for   the   rescue   and   shelter   communities   by photographing   pets   that   are   desperately   seeking   forever   homes.   When   I’m   not   pointing   my   lens   at   a furry   subject,   I   enjoy   photographing   people,   events   and   all   the   beauty   that   surrounds   us.   I   am   grateful for   the   opportunity   to   photograph   events   for   Crafton   Hills   College,   the   Beaumont   Library   District,   and the Rancho Mirage Library. Besides the Redlands Camera Club I am also a member of IEPPV
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