Throughout the year Redlands Camera Club is invited to participate in local photography exhibits. Information regarding participation in exhibits is published in the monthly newsletter - the Photogram, announced at regular club meetings and posted on this page.
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Call for Entries—Methodist Church Show We   have   again   been   invited   to   participate   in   a   photo   show   at   Redlands   First   Methodist   Church.   This   has   been   a   beautiful   and fun show every year, and we are asking for entries for this year’s show which will run during September and October.  Take in for prospective entries will be from 6 to 6:30 pm, prior to our regular meeting on August 5.   The   entries   will   be   juried   for   the   show,   with   a   maximum   of   20   accepted.      For   jurying   you   may   bring   in   up   to   3   prints,   8x10   or larger; if you already have larger prints, framed or not, metal or canvas, please bring them for consideration. For   those   images   that   are   selected,   you   will   have   three   weeks   to   prepare   your   photos   for   hanging.      The   room   is   large,   and   the larger   your   prints   the   better   they   will   show   up.      They   will   need   to   be   frames   at   least   to   16x20,   larger   is   even   better.      They   need   to be   wired   on   the   back   for   hanging,   and   identified   on   the   back   with   your   name,   title   of   the   piece,   and   price,   if   you   are   interested in selling.  Take in of the framed photos will be on Wednesday, August 28, 10 am.   For questions, email me at                                  mailto:jsparhawk746@yahoo.com.  
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