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Fall Competition
Competition for October 2020 Photogram
The   Fall   competition   was   a   bit   different.   First   of   all,   it   was   a   Fall   competition,   which   I
don’t    believe    we’ve    ever    had    (at    least    since    2008).    Second,    because    of    the    current
unpleasantness   in   the   world   of   health,   it   was   done   online.   24   members   submitted   a   total   of
47    images,    and    many    received    excellent    scores.    Our    judges,    Bob    Fletcher,    Ralph
Nordstrom,   and   Steve   Brazill   participated   online   and   were   able   to   view   the   images   in
higher   definition   than   is   available   through   Zoom.   The   competition   was   recorded,   and   is
available   for   viewing   HERE .   Special   thanks   to   Frank   Peele   for   wrangling   judges,   and   to
Bruce   Bonnett   and   Woody   for   technical   assistance.   Judith   Sparhawk   and   Annette   Gregory
also assisted as scorekeepers.
Awards   for   the   Fall   2000   competition   will   be   announced   at   the   October   5   Zoom   meeting.
Watch your e-mail for the link.
Date and Category X for the next competition will be announced later.
Carl Detrow
Awards   will   be   at   the   next   meeting,   October   5.   Hopefully   we   will   be   meeting   as   a
group by then. If not, we’ll do it online.
Remember, you must be a club member in good standing to participate in the
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