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Redlands Camera Club Summer Competition
July 1, 2019 As   the   new   competitions   chair   I’ve   been   awaiting   July   1st   with   some   trepidation, but   now   we’re   almost   there.   We’ve   had   66   entries   for   this   one,   and   I’m   happy   to say   I’m   glad   I’m   the   chair   and   not   a   judge.   There   have   been   some   wonderful submissions   and   it   will   be   a   challenge   to   pick   the   best.   I   really   look   forward   to seeing them on the big screen. The   transition   has   been   challenging.   Special   thanks   to   Russ   Trozera   for   sharing his    wealth    of    experience    in    helping    me    get    organized.    We    have    a    very sophisticated     computer     program     for     sorting,     scoring,     randomizing,     and displaying    the    images,    and    that    program    was    designed    by    member    Bruce Bonnett.   Bruce   has   been   absolutely   indispensable   in   getting   the   routine   to   work on my desktop. But   of   course   the   most   special   thanks   go   to   the   members   who   submitted entries.   I   wish   you   all   could   win   ribbons.   Winners   will   be   announced   at   the   July 15, 2019, meeting. Our   next   competition   will   be   for   Winter   2019   on   December   2   with   awards   at   our holiday banquet on the 16.
If   you   have   any   questions,   please   contact   me   at   909-792-6341,   909-553-
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