Color Munki Carl Detrow
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GENERAL 1. Our license agreement stipulates only club members may use our ColorMunki. 2. The Calibration Committee maintains a logbook to schedule both Initial and Recalibration use of the ColorMunki. The logbook is available at club meetings. The committee is responsible for resolving warranty and damage issues. PROCEDURE FOR INITIAL CALIBRATION 1. Members form into groups of four. Each individual completes and signs the Group Registration and Terms of Use form in the logbook. A group has use of the device from one club meeting to the next. 2. The group completes a contact/transfer sheet and adds the next two people on the Recalibration List. The contact/transfer sheet stays with the ColorMunki. 3. The first person on a group's list inspects the ColorMunki for obvious damage, signs the logbook to signify acceptance from the club, uses the device and contacts the next person on the contact/transfer sheet. 4. Each succeeding group member inspects the ColorMunki, and, if no obvious damage is visible, completes the receipt portion of the sheet for the previous user. 5. The last person in the group, as recorded in the logbook, returns the ColorMunki to the camera club at its next meeting. A member of the Calibration Committee receives the ColorMunki and signs the logbook. All receipts may then be discarded. EXCEPTION: If time permits, call the first person on the Recalibration List. Transfer in standard fashion. 6. Should the device not work when it looks like it should, try to contact another in your group for possible assistance. It is hoped groups can facilitate calibrations and speed up the process. If it just isn't going to work, contact the Calibration Committee.
PROCEDURE FOR RECALIBRATION A second tab in the logbook lists individuals who need to recalibrate. They complete and sign the Recalibration Registration and  Terms of Use form. They also acknowledge that when finished, they will either transfer it to the next Recalibration contact or return the  ColorMunki to the club at its next meeting for the next scheduled group.
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