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New -- Free One on One Coaching in Lightroom/Photoshop Contact   John   Williams   for   some   over-the-shoulder   coaching   in   photo   editing,   a   great   way   to   learn. Using   your   selected   images,   John   will   work   with   you   at   your   level   to   improve   your   understanding   of key   tools   and   techniques   to   make   the   most   of   your   photos.   John   is   a   regular   contributor   of   articles on   Lightroom   and   Photoshop   to   the   RCC   Photogram.   Reach   John   at    or   talk   to him at our meetings.
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RCC Members: Unique opportunity to make a difference
Frank Peele, Education/Workshops Chair
Museum of Redlands
This   newly-established   museum   needs   quality   photography   of   items   in   its   collection,   and   has   asked   RCC   for   support.
This   sounds   like   a   win-win   situation,   both   for   the   museum   and   for   our   members   who   want   to   develop   skills   in   “product”
photography.   I   envision   a   workshop   to   teach   the   fundamentals,   and   one   or   more   shooting   sessions   to   get   into   creating
great   images   for   the   museum’s   use.   If   you’re   interested   in   being   part   of   this   service   to   the   community,   or   just   want   to
find out more about the opportunity, shoot me an email:   Thanks, Frank
CanvasPalette would like to offer our members a special discount of 70% off &
shipping is free
Product   Highlights•   Archival   Grade   Canvas•   Stretched   around   1.25”   solid   wood   frames•   Gloss   laminate   coating   for   UV
protection•   Lightning   fast   turnaround,   most   orders   are   shipped   the   next   day•   Arrive   ready   to   hang•   Making   high   quality
canvases   since   2012Some   sample   prices   of   what   your   members   will   pay   for   gallery   wrapped   ready   to   hang   canvases:•
24   X   36   $179   $53.70   Free   Shipping•   20   X   30   $159   $47.70   Free   Shipping•   24   X   24   $149   $44.70   Free   Shipping•   We   have
over   40   sizes   available.   We   also   do   custom   sizes•   Easy   to   use   website,   order   online.   After   March   30th   the   discount   will
lock   in   at   65%   off   &   free   shipping•   Use   the   Code:CA65Please   don’t   hesitate   to   reach   out   with   any   of   your   questions.
Regards Jay.                 416-798-1050, Mobile: 647-269-9150
Call for Entries—Methodist Church Show We   have   again   been   invited   to   participate   in   a   photo   show   at   Redlands   First   Methodist   Church.   This   has been   a   beautiful   and   fun   show   every   year,   and   we   are   asking   for   entries   for   this   year’s   show   which   will run during September and October.   Take in for prospective entries will be from 6 to 6:30 pm, prior to our regular meeting on August 5.   The   entries   will   be   juried   for   the   show,   with   a   maximum   of   20   accepted.      For   jurying   you   may   bring   in up   to   3   prints,   8x10   or   larger;   if   you   already   have   larger   prints,   framed   or   not,   metal   or   canvas,   please bring them for consideration. For   those   images   that   are   selected,   you   will   have   three   weeks   to   prepare   your   photos   for   hanging.      The room   is   large,   and   the   larger   your   prints   the   better   they   will   show   up.      They   will   need   to   be   frames   at least   to   16x20,   larger   is   even   better.      They   need   to   be   wired   on   the   back   for   hanging,   and   identified   on the back with your name, title of the piece, and price, if you are interested in selling.  Take in of the framed photos will be on Wednesday, August 28, 10 am.   For questions, email me at                        
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